Sendai Framework Monitor and Recording of Voluntary Commitments

The Sendai Framework Monitor went live on 1 March 2018, providing states with the opportunity to record their progress against the identified targets and indicators (The Monitor is available here). In addition to reporting against the targets and indicators developed by the Open-ended Intergovernmental Expert Working Group on indicators and terminology relating to DRR (UN Doc A/RES/ 69/ 284), starting in July 2018, states can also opt to set up their own customised targets and indicators to which they are to report. As of 31 October 2018, 96 states had started to use the Sendai Framework Monitoring system, although reporting against actual targets was still limited (See UNDRR, ‘Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2019, 220).

In addition to the Sendai Framework Monitoring tool(s) for states, in December 2018, the UNDRR also launched the Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments system, where stakeholders working on the Sendai Framework can log their voluntary commitments online. The Voluntary Commitments stems from the mandate provided to the UNDRR by the UNGA at the adoption of the Sendai Framework (UN ‘Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030’ (18 March 2015) UN Doc A/CONF.224/ CRP.1. See especially para. 48 c) and is a significant step forward in the UNDRR’s work in supporting its implementation.

The Voluntary Commitments online platform is open access and supports the work of stakeholders as well as of the UNDRR. In relation to the former, the platform presents an opportunity for stakeholders to increase the visibility of themselves and their initiatives on a global level, while learning from and finding potential areas for collaboration with, other stakeholders. At the same time, the UNDRR can monitor the progress made by stakeholders with reference to the targets and indicators, while also working together with stakeholders to reduce disaster risk.