Emanuele Sommario

Emanuele Sommario



Assistant Professor of International Law, S.S. S. Anna, Pisa, Ph.D. (Pisa), LL.M. (Nottingham).

Dr. Sommario has focused his research activities on human rights law, international humanitarian law and disaster law and has acquired a significant experience in training activities for relevant organisations such as: European Commission – Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi); WFP; EU Civil Protection Mechanism; Italian Ministry of Defence; Italian Civil Protection Department; Italian Red Cross; International Institute of Humanitarian Law; Italian and foreign NGOs.

Co-responsible of a national research project on disaster law, where he has also been involved in training activities on this subject, Dr. Sommario will contribute to this Module with an analysis of human rights issues in disaster settings, looking in particular at limitations and derogations to human rights provisions in case of disaster.