International and European Disaster Law

The “International and European Disaster Law” Module (IEUDL) constitutes an innovative teaching project, aimed at developing the knowledge of a recently emerged field of legal studies, which proved to be rich in theoretical and practical implications for the EU as well as for the other actors of the international system. The EU has recently been conferred a specific competence on cooperation in civil protection activities in the event of disaster, thus permitting to identify an evolving area where further teaching, dissemination ad research activities are particularly timely taking into account legal and humanitarian challenges faced by the EU and other actors.

Following an interactive approach, the Module will combine frontal as well as participatory teaching methodologies. The IEUDL Module aims to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the legal issues related to the activities of international actors, and the EU in particular, in the Disaster Cycle Management. The planned activities consist of 56 hours of teaching activities, including 16 hours of interactive seminars on disaster scenarios, encounters with relevant stakeholders, analysis of relevant case-law and international and EU documents. Ancillary events such as open conferences and the participation of the key teaching staff to external conferences and courses will foster debates and knowledges in this area also through a fruitful interaction between academics and international and national institutions, policy-makers, NGOs involved in disasters.

Participation is open to both Italian and foreign students. The IEUDL Module, apart from students of the Law degree, will favour the participation of students from other Roma Tre Departments as it can complement their skills being thus relevant for future professional careers (e.g. Political Science, Economics, Architecture, Human Sciences). External participants, as graduated professionals, can also enroll to this course.

IEUDL Module will benefit of the experience gained by the Module coordinator (Prof. Giulio Bartolini) and other key teaching staff in the three-years research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, which allowed the Applicant institution to be recognized as a leading research centre at the European level. As a result the IEUDL will represent its ancillary spin-off in terms of teaching and research activities, particularly attracting further EU partners.

Schedule of the course

The IEUDL Module is an optional course at the Department of Law, Roma Tre University. It attributes 7 university credits (CFU) to students able to successfully complete it. As for the 2016-2017 academic year the course is held in Italian. Lectures will be held at the Department of Law, Edificio Tommaseo, Via Ostiense 139, room 12 on Wednesdays (16-18.15) and Thursdays (16-17.30). The course starts on Wednesday 8th March.