7th Session of the Africa-Arab Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (9-13 October, Tunisia)

The 7th Session of the Africa-Arab Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction took place from 9–13 October 2018 in Tunisia. It resulted in the Tunis Declaration on DRR of the Sixth High
Level Meeting on DRR, which adopted a Monitoring and Reporting Framework
for the DRR Plan of Action 2015–2030 to generate data for biennial reporting on DRR/M
in Africa; called on states and stakeholders to develop risk-informed, holistic and inclusive DRR/M programmes; called on states to ensure national budgetary allocation for DRR/M; and also called on states to commit to the integration of DRR/M, CCA and sustainable development in legal, policy and programmatic frameworks.

The DRR Unit and ISDR are also the co-conveners of the Africa Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (AWGDRR), whose role includes the facilitation of mainstreaming and integration of DRR/M in all phases of sustainable development in Africa and the provision of technical support to the regional/sub-regional DRR/M institutions. In its 13th Session held in Cameroon from 4–5 September 2018, it deliberated on the following priority concerns: developing an operation plan for the implementation of the DRR PoA 2015–2030; enhancing integration and coherence between DRR/M, CCA and sustainable development, especially in National Climate Change Adaptation Plans (NAPs); improving monitoring and reporting processes for the Sendai Framework targets;
enhancing collaboration with the science and technology community on DRR/M through the establishment of an African Science and Technology Advisory Group; and the development of disaster loss databases and risk profiles.