The EU Launches a Project to Protect Heritage from Disasters

On 18 January 2017 the EU Commission DG ECHO hosted the kick-off meeting of ResCult Project (Increasing Resilience of Cultural Heritage: a supporting decision tool for the safeguarding of cultural assets). The Project partners together the Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation (SITI), the Turin Politecnico, the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), the UNISDR, the Consortium for Managing Research Activities in the Venice Lagoon (CORILA) and the Fire and Rescue Service of Alpes de Haute-Provence (SDIS04), and is financed by the EU Commission.

ResCult aims to increase the capability of the EU Civil Protection System and other stakeholders to share and retrieve information supporting risk prevention for cultural heritage, reducing trans-boundary cooperation barriers. Notably, the Project will conduct risk analysis and gather information with the purpose of supporting urban planning and specific strategies on DRR, resilience and response planning, by developing a European Heritage Map. Particularly, the Project will offer tools to national civil protections and other competent authorities, EU Civil Protection Mechanism and competent other authorities, private investors and local communities in order to support risk-sensitive decisions in developing and implementing DRR strategies concerning cultural heritage. In this vein, the Project will constitute a means to embrace the Sendai Framework commitments to preserving and protecting cultural heritage from hazards, by recognizing heritage historic but also economic and social value.