European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction Open Forum, Istanbul, Turkey, 26-28 March 2017

The Sendai Framework recognises that the Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction have a key role in its implementation. The Sendai Framework also underscores the need for Regional Platforms to function as a coherent system of mechanisms in order to fully leverage the potential of collaboration and exchange across stakeholders of all sectors, and thus provide guidance and support in implementation. In light of this vision, the 2017 EFDRR Open Forum was hosted by the Government of Turkey from 26-28 March 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. As to its Outcomes document, the Forum, inter alia: (1) endorsed to include people with disabilities, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups in national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction; (2) recognized resilient local communities as the foundation of resilient societies and promoted inclusive governance to that end; (3) committed to ensure that national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction includes the determination of specific roles, responsibility and accountability; (4) agreed to promote, also financially, solid risk management and disaster risk reduction; (5) included the protection of cultural heritage in disaster risk management. Further goals were endorsed by the High-Level Dialogue Communiqué entitled ‘Creating Incentives for Disaster Risk Reduction’, which can be accessed here.