Leiden University second edition of the IHL Summer School (July 2017)

Following the successful edition held in 2016 the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on International Humanitarian Law at the Grotious Centre, Leiden University, will organize a second edition of the summer school “International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice” in July 2017. The summer course, organized by distinguished Prof. Robert Heinsch (Director of the KGF) in close cooperation with the Netherland Red Cross, permits participants to have a broad overview of the laws of armed conflict and humanitarian issues. The 2016 edition brought together a long list of IHL experts, including Judge Christopher Greenwood from the International Court of Justice and the Head of the Legal Section of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. Knut Dörmann.

In this context, in line with the past edition, prof. Giulio Bartolini has been requested to lecture on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Law. Lecture will be held on Thursday 13th July at the Leiden University’s premises at The Hague.