High Level Seminar on International Disaster Law in cooperation with the Italian and Mauritius Red Cross Societies. Presentations held by prof. Bartolini and Dr. Natoli, 21 November 2018, Port Louis (Mauritius)

Prof. Giulio Bartolini and Dr Tommaso Natoli joined an Italian Red Cross Delegation, headed by the Vice-President of the IHL National Commission and composed by long-experienced IHL instructors, involved in an IHL-IDL training mission in Port Louis (Mauritius). The event was organised in collaboration with the in cooperation with the Mauritius Red Cross Societies and the Mauritian Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Institutional Reforms at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre.

The programme also included a High-level seminar on international disaster law, in the context of which Prof Bartolini and Dr Natoli held thematic lectures on “The role of the affected State and main regulatory issues dealing with international assistance”, “The status of relief personnel in disaster relief” and “National and international normative frameworks on the import-export of relief good and equipment”. The event was attended by more than 80 persons (national army officials, governmental representatives, practitioners and local volunteers) and also attracted the attention of national press and TV, to which Dr Natoli granted a thematic interview of the ongoing training programme.