Expert workshops in Dublin and Cork (May-June 2017)

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights (CCJHR) at the School of Law, University College Cork and the Irish Red Cross Society will host two invite-only multi-stakeholder expert workshops in Dublin and Cork to bring together humanitarian practitioners and academics for discussion of the key challenges and questions relating to legal issues in the context of major disasters. The events are organized by the distinguished scholar Dr. Dug Cubie in the framework of a research project. It is intended that the workshops will provide a forum for information sharing and networking between practitioners and academics, drawing on the expertise of participants based in Ireland, Europe and beyond. The events will be held in Dublin (Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May 2017) and Cork (Thursday 8th and Friday 9th June 2017).

In this framework IEUDL Module Coordinator, Giulio Bartolini, has been invited to participate in both expert meetings, also delivering a presentation on networking activities in the area of disaster law and on the IEUDL Module itself.